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More flight bookings

Flights now booked from Hanoi to Siem Reap.

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Holiday costs spiraling!!

The costs of the holiday are spiraling out of control. Something has to be done!

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Bookings Etc


October 2013
Have booked flights to Bangkok and on flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Visa applications sent to Vietnam Embassy yesterday. All coming together quietly!! November 2013
Vietnam visas returned promptly. Passports now with Cambodian Embassy for visas and few nights booked in HCM City. Cambodian visas returned and coach travel to and from Heathrow booked. Also booked flights from Hanoi to Siem Reap
January 2014
The adventure begins!! coach to Heathrow this afternoon. Luggage below limit, never done that before, but don't relish using the back pack for long!!
Flight to Bangkok went without incidence but tedious had a 4 hour stop over for flight to Ho Chi Minh City
Flight was reasonable but rather short on space!!
Traffic in HCM City was horrendous with motorcycles everywhere.
We visited the War Remmants Museum where there was evidence from various war correspondents as to the effect of the carpet bombing of the country and the effects of the chemicals that the Americans used. A sobering visit. The 49th floor of the Skydeck was a good visit with tremendous views over the city and the pollution
We also took advantage of the street food on offer
Everyone here is so friendly and genuinely warm
But the city is too much for some people
There still seems to be evidence of the war amongst older members of the population, who had limbs missing.
VCEL_403.jpg A visit to the Reunification Palace confirmed the life style of the elite in Vietnam society which was opulent to say the least the palace still stands as it was. we much prefered the culture
in HCM to other cities.
At this point we must pay homage to the ingenuity of the S Asia people and their relationship with the motorcycle. Not too sure which one takes the prize but the one with the mirror must be contender as he traveled across a very narrow bridge in Hoiann

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